Tablet: Built using Android latest software supported down to Lollipop 5.0. Tablets are lightweight, have a long battery life and use integrated cameras with powerful internal hardware for fast inspection and data capture.



TICOR is a real time reporting software solution that allows you to generate instant on-site thermal imaging reports which you can show or deliver to you client or managers immediately. It also allows users to manage trending data, compare images and graphs from periodic inspections, and quickly view fault pages for problem diagnosis with remedial action.

TICOR can manage multiple sites, inspections and clients, and set up and record site inventories quickly and easily. Use TICOR standalone or sync with our powerful online client management system, WEBCOR. This allows for online management of all inspection data including a custom dashboard, inspection status and management, hosting of detailed inventory, problem and trending data along with live updateable reports immediately available once sync’d with TICOR. Further features include importing of pre-loaded equipment inventories to inspections, custom inspection module creation for other inspection types, management of TICOR field drop down menu content and much more.

By offering easy-to-use software that can be incorporated into any predictive maintenance or condition program, TICOR  shortens thermal imaging inspection time by completely removing the report writing process leading to enhanced equipment sustainability & reliability reducing unplanned down-time & associated risks.

We aim to build value & solutions that work alongside your own company strategies and provide you with the necessary frame works – training, software, camera sales and consultancy – to implement a successful thermal imaging campaign.


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