TICOR™ is an advanced on-site field instant reporting software, designed for professional engineers who carry out thermographic, vibration, partial discharge and other condition based monitoring or building type inspections.

*Minimum requirements – Android lollipop 5.0 and 7inch +

Engineers, surveyors and consultants can now easily capture data on-site for a multiple of commonly used inspection types and reduce their overall inspection/ reporting time by 33%. Effectively saving up to 1/3 of their day and eliminating off-site reporting.

Condition Monitoring
-Electrical Thermography, Partial Discharge ( TEV / Ultrasonic / Contact , Mechanical ( Motors) Thermography

Building & Property
-Building Thermography (Energy Loss), Subsurface Leaks (Pipework/Roofing) Thermography ,
-Building Single Elevation Thermography , Cold Store Thermography

-Measurement Thermography (Vessel internal levels) , UAV Drone , Visual Inspection

Data captured and input into TICOR’s dropdown fields during the inspection is analysed by specific formulas built into individual TICOR™ modules which then prompt to input data for problems found.

Onsite Images are captured using the tablet visual camera and also from 3rd party hardware like Flir or Fluke thermal imaging cameras. These are added into the images inspection folder, inspection and summary data finalised and the report is generated in around 2 minutes. This results in the Inspection and report is completed on site saving the engineer hours of time in offsite reporting and analysis.
TICOR™ can work standalone or it can sync back to our online campaign management software called WEBCOR where all data can be viewed, searched, tracked, trended and much more.

Additionally, WEBCOR app delivers problems and trend data removing the need to review reports. Push notifications display on your smartphone indicating any inspection data changes.

TICOR™ is believed to be the first Android-based thermal imaging reporting application which provides immediate one click report generation. Installing the software on an android tablet enables engineers to enter data from a thermal imaging camera directly into the tablet and produce instant diagnostic reports while they are still on site with just one click at the end of each survey.

Key Features
• Ability to report during inspection/survey
• Generate a one click report
• Built on knowledge based libraries
• Built for android
• Load correction formulas for electrical inspections
• Thermal indexing formulas for building inspections
• Pixel counting for spot measurement
• Preload inventory
• Check images in one click

Key Deliverables
• Review report on survey completion quickly with minimal fuss
• Reduced reporting time on survey completion
• All reports created using common sentences
• Latest technology software and tablets
• Campaign management
• Auto fault find based on mathematical formula
• Measure distance between spots directly from image
• Easier inspection routes
• Quickly ensure correct image path names

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