Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect nearest surface temperatures. These can then be utilised to indicate potential areas of sub-surface water leaks in underfloor pipe work and where underfloor central heating feeds or underfloor heating flow and return pipework may reside.

The TICOR™ purpose built pipework module has been designed with specifically populated knowledge based libraries to quickly and easily document and report the various areas inspected and to record faults or problems which may be suspected. These include water leakages, blockages, weak pipework thermal signatures and even electrical failures such as poor performing solenoids or thermostats.

TICOR™ is an android based reporting software system that can generate thermal imaging pipework reports onsite in less than 20 seconds. TICOR™ has been designed so that reporting is undertaken during the inspection through a series of drop down option boxes which gives the thermographer the ability to create instant onsite reports in less than 20 seconds after completion of the inspection.

TICOR™ can work standalone or it can be synchronised to our online campaign management system WEBCOR™ which displays inspections, problems, trend or building elevation data and reports upon upload allowing your customers instant access.

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