Electrical Thermography

TICOR™ is an android based reporting software system that can generate thermal imaging electrical reports onsite. TICOR™ has been designed so that reporting is undertaken during the inspection through a series of drop down option boxes which gives the thermographer the ability to create instant onsite reports after completion of the inspection.

The purpose built TICOR™ electrical module has integrated load correction formulae which offers the option of testing equipment when it isn’t running at full load. By relating component rating to actual load applied and maximum measured and ambient temperature together, faults up to critical level can still be shown even when measured temperature is close to ambient.

The formualae offer the following values:

  • Estimate component operating temperature at maximum load.
  • Estimate how much a circuit or phase can be loaded despite the fault allowing for predictive and strategic equipment shutdown
  • Automatically grade the fault from minor to important to serious and critical severities.

An electrical thermal imaging survey using a thermal imaging camera can be used on different types of equipment including:

  • Busbar systems
  • Supply cables
  • Distribution and fuse boards
  • High voltage systems
  • Transformers
  • Control panels
  • Batteries
  • UPS systems
  • Other switchgear, panel and switchboards

Using infrared technology on electrical infrastructure is a renowned method of predictive maintenance and done correctly it can be effective at fault finding prior to equipment failure but it needs to be carried out correctly. Our strict protocols ensure that the faults we document are indeed items that require investigation and possibly remedial work and not simply loaded circuits manifesting temperature.

TICOR™ can work standalone or it can be synchronised to our online campaign management system WEBCOR™ which displays inspections, problems, trended electrical temperature data and reports upon upload allowing your customers instant access.

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