Cold Store Thermography

Thermographic imaging can be used to to inspect and monitor cold storage facilities. Using infrared it is easy to see where insulation panels are suffering from an integrity issue, where air ingress is allowed in or where a heated door seal is failing. The extreme temperature differentials between internal and external ambient allow for standout thermograms depicting issues such as those mentioned. Due to the power needed to generate these temperatures, faults such as these are significant as even the smallest of problems can have a dramatic effect on energy usage.

TICOR™ is an android based reporting software system that can generate thermal imaging coldstore reports onsite in less than 20 seconds. TICOR™ has been designed so that reporting is undertaken during the inspection through a series of drop down option boxes which gives the thermographer the ability to create instant onsite reports in less than 20 seconds after completion of the inspection.

TICOR™ can work standalone or it can be synchronised to our online campaign management system WEBCOR™ which displays inspections, problems, trend or coldstore elevation data and reports upon upload allowing your customers instant access.

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