Flat Roof

The TICOR™ building flat roof module has been developed with a populated knowledge based library that allows for fast data capture of thermograms when assessing a flat roof system. There are two windows of inspection opportunity to successfully carry out a thermographic inspection of a flat roof system.

The first is an hour after sunrise and the second is an hour after sunset. This is due to wet roof insulation consisting of a heavier thermal mass meaning that it heats and cools at different rates. During the morning, wet roof insulation will heat at a slower rate and shows as cold areas on the thermogram and during the evening, as the roof cools, the wet areas will retain their heat for longer showing as warmer areas. Due to this limited time period it is essential to have a fast data capture system and TICOR™ provides the perfect solution.

The android based software has been designed so that reporting is undertaken during the inspection through a series of drop down option boxes which gives the thermographer the ability to create instant onsite reports in less than 20 seconds after completion of the inspection.

TICOR™ can work standalone or it can be synchronised to our online campaign management system WEBCOR™ which displays inspections, problems, trend or building elevation data and reports upon upload allowing your customers instant access.

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