TICOR™ Tablet Based Field Reporting Software

Ticor inspection modules applications

Why Use TICOR™

Developed to reduce inspection and reporting time by 33%.

Engineers, surveyors and consultants can now easily capture data on-site for a multiple of commonly used inspection types and reduce their overall inspection/ reporting time by 33%. Effectively saving up to 1/3 of their day and eliminating off-site reporting.

TICOR’S ™ Inspection modules include:

Condition Monitoring
-Electrical Thermography, Partial Discharge ( TEV / Ultrasonic / Contact , Mechanical ( Motors) Thermography

Building & Property
-Building Thermography (Energy Loss), Subsurface Leaks (Pipework/Roofing) Thermography ,
-Building Single Elevation Thermography , Cold Store Thermography

-Measurement Thermography (Vessel internal levels) , UAV Drone , Visual Inspection

Benefits of using TICOR™ for reporting?

Simply input your inspection data into TICOR™ on-site adding problems and trending data as you carry out the inspection.

TICOR Add inspection problem and trending data

Identify anomalies, root causes and remedial actions with simple dropdowns

TICOR Inspection problem route cause, anomaly and remedial action

Finish and create your inspection report on-site once completed sync to WEBCOR for data management.

TICOR compleate inspection reports onsite

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How To Manage Inspection Data?

Simply monitor, manage and share inspection data worldwide with WEBCOR


Manage Inspections that are in progress, open or closed

WEBCOR Manage inspections

View & share inspection problems by minor, important, serious and critical severity

WEBCOR by fault raiting

View trending data in graph format and compare periodic images

webcor trending data graph

Monitor temperature movements of trending data easily 

WEBCOR Trending data

Easily view live inspection reports, download reports to PDF, email PDF reports 

Webcor save reports

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