Ticor Thermal Imaging Software

Thermographic services specialist, Ti Thermal Imaging, has developed two software packages which cut thermal imaging engineers’ survey and reporting time by 25 per cent. The software streamlines the data capture, input and analysis procedures associated with thermal imaging report generation and maintenance monitoring.

Ticor is an Android-based thermal imaging reporting application which provides immediate report generation. Installing the software on an android tablet enables engineers to enter data from a thermal imaging camera directly into the tablet and produce instant diagnostic reports while they are still on site.

The Ticor software can also be integrated into Webcor, the company’s online predictive maintenance and condition monitoring program. Both software programs are compatible with any thermal imaging cameras that produce images in various formats, as well as the recently-launched Seek Thermal camera attachment for mobile phones. They provide a particularly efficient solution for monitoring and managing thermal imaging information for multi-site operations.

Published 8 October 2014