A Thermal Imaging Engineer’s Day To Day Working Schedule

The Thermographic Engineer 

Inspection workflow for typical consultant company/Engineer

Pack Equipment up:

Fully charged camera and accessories, tools, notepad and pen(cil)

Travel to site:

Drive many miles through heavy traffic or through heavy numbers of city commuters on public transport.

Arrive at site:

Sign in and begin inspection start capturing  images with camera and note down on your notepad item locations, descriptions, ID, temperatures, load ratings and image numbers. Other readings could be taken depending on inspection type. All is recorded onto your pad in scribbled notes or via Bluetooth headset creating a voice note for the image.

If it’s a substantial inspection involving 100 items you could easily be leaving site at 16:00, it’s not unusual

Complete inspection:

Sign out, begin journey home, arrive home, eat dinner,  write up your notes into a report, spend two hrs+ consolidating images into your template and writing all temperatures and other associated notes into the template, create report and pdf ready for delivery, Email it to client

Be very fed up that your day has turned into 16hrs +

Or the alternative is to do all reporting on Friday, forgetting valuable things associated with the equipment and not in notes and losing important information.

(take from actual TiThermographer Experience)


Roll back to completing inspection

Add data during inspection. Once completed add images, inspection data and summary, run check images and create report incredibly detailed report of all equipment, not just fault pages in less than 5mins. Email there and then or choose to send it later.

Job complete.


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