Condition Monitoring Substations Using TICOR

Condition Monitoring Substations Using TICOR

Condition monitoring  can improve the reliability and and health of electrical substations.

Electric power utilities are faced with an aging infrastructure, increasing risk of blackouts and brownouts. A brownout is a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, so named because it typically causes lights to dim. Utilities also face costly unplanned maintenance and rising costs.

Using TICOR™ which is an advanced on-site field instant reporting software, designed for professional engineers who carry out professional inspections.

Engineers, surveyors and consultants can now easily capture data on-site for a multiple of commonly used inspection types related to substation monitoring.

Utilities are continuously looking for ways to address  issues to improve the reliability of electric power delivery while at the same time reducing costs.

By capturing critical data with TICOR and then uploading reports to WEBCOR utilities can monitor trending patterns and effectively plan remedial works.

Condition monitoring substations TICOR

By using thermal imaging and software, failures and security breaches can be detected anytime, day or night, at a remote monitoring location.

Substation components which are prone to fail include:

– Power transformers (oil levels and pump operation)
– Load tap changers (oil levels, other internal problems)
– Insulator bushings (oil levels and bad connections)
– Standoff insulators (moisture, contamination, degradation)
– Lightning arrestors (degradation of metal oxide disks)
– Circuit breakers (oil or SF6 leakage)
– Mechanical disconnects (bad connections, contamination)
– Control cabinets (wear and tear on fans, pumps, and other components)
– Batteries

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