See TICOR™ At ADIPEC Abu Dhabi

TICOR will be attending ADIPEC 2015

What is TICOR?

TICOR™ reporting software is used by predictive maintenance and condition monitoring teams for a variety of industry applications to effectively monitor the health and performance of assets.

The android based software has been designed to create instant onsite reports immediately after completion of a inspection.

The software has been developed with a sequence of mathematical, Thermal indexing and load correction formulas to identify minor, important, serious and critical faults within assets.

A sequence of preformatted knowledge based library’s questions are built into the software to enable quick, easy and reliable reporting.

TICOR’S ™ Inspection modules include:

Condition Monitoring
-Electrical Thermography, Partial Discharge ( TEV / Ultrasonic / Contact , Mechanical ( Motors) Thermography

Building & Property
-Building Thermography (Energy Loss), Subsurface Leaks (Pipework/Roofing) Thermography ,
-Building Single Elevation Thermography , Cold Store Thermography

-Measurement Thermography (Vessel internal levels) , UAV Drone , Visual Inspection

Benefits of using TICOR for reporting?

  • Input your inspection data onsite into TICOR, adding problems and trending data as you carry out the inspection.
  • Identify anomalies, root causes and remedial actions with simple dropdowns
  • Finish and create your inspection report onsite sync to WEBCOR for completion and data management.

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