Ticor Fast Track Solution Condition Monitoring Reporting

TICOR Reporting Software

What is TICOR?

TICOR™ reporting software is used by predictive maintenance and condition monitoring teams for a variety of industry applications to effectively monitor the health and performance of assets.

The android based software has been designed to create instant onsite reports in less than 20 seconds after completion of inspection.

TICOR includes a variety of thermographic and visual inspection modules to effectively determine problem areas onsite.

The software has been developed with a sequence of mathematical, Thermal indexing and load correction formulas to identify minor, important, serious and critical faults within assets.

A sequence of preformatted knowledge based library’s questions are built into the software to enable quick, easy and reliable reporting.

TICOR can work standalone or it can be linked to our online campaign management system WEBCOR which displays reports instantly upon upload.

TICOR Key Benefits

  • Ability to report during inspection / survey
  • Generate a one click report
  • Built on knowledge based libraries
  • Reduced reporting time on survey completion
  • Load correction formulas for electrical inspections
  • Pixel counting for spot measurement
  • Preload inventory
  • Check images in one click

WEBCOR Maintenance Manager Software

What is WEBCOR?

WEBCOR online maintenance manager software gives you the ability to access your inspection data anywhere in the world.

Easily manage clients and sites through the online platform and monitor your inspections status whether it is Tentative, In Progress or Completed.

Now you can trend and monitor inspection data easily with comprehensive graphs showing asset ID and temperature increases.

The easy to use platform has been designed to create, sync and share inspections easily with your team.

Key Benefits

  • Manage engineers, inspections, clients, sites and contacts, reports and inventories
  • Dashboard for instant overview of inspections, problems via type, inspections and trend spike analysis
  • View problems and trending individually
  • Problem status management, close problems out as engineers rectify faults
  • Fully searchable database
  • ly links for seamless sharing of problems and trend data
  • Trending of data with largest spikes brought to the top of the list
  • View reports in a live state and update with work orders
  • Quality Control reports with sign off stamp
  • Export full or any part of the report to pdf
  • Email reports directly

Ticor Fast Track Solution Condition Monitoring Reporting

If you are looking for a fast track solution to save time and money ask us for your free TICOR trial and see if it works for you.