TICOR Thermography Software Follows BS7671 British Standard

TICOR refers to the following standards to determine the good or bad condition of an asset when thermography tests are being conducted.

  • Our reference temperature of 75C is arrived at by utilizing BS7671 (British Standard for IET Wiring Regulations). Cable temperatures are recommended to sit between 65-85C at full load. We general utilize 75C however we can adjust the reference accordingly.

  • For our electrical module we utilize a load correction formula which was published by the ITC, InfraRed Training Centre. It’s designed as a tool to assist the thermographic during the inspection to help grade the fault found based on component rating and actual load in AMPS, ambient and measured temperature. The grades can be overridden at any time as sometimes there are other parts to the puzzle that the formulas won’t take into account such as length of time in operation at that load so it’s essential that good thermographic training is undertaken prior to any electrical inspections. Whilst TICOR offers these inspection and reporting tools it cannot de-skill thermography in general.